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  • Most of us will spend a good chunk of our lives mapping out where we want to go in life, but we’re not often prepared for the inevitable detours.

    We may have thoughts from time to time on what the end might look like but we don’t generally speak those thoughts out loud–not to our doctors, our loved ones, or even ourselves.

    Map Your Care: Illness & Grief Counseling seeks to change that. Whether you’re feeling curious and open to talking about “taboo” topics like dying and living a full life every moment until then, or you’re feeling overwhelmed with an unexpected diagnosis that was plopped in front of you, I’m here to join you on your journey.

    Map Your Care offers a full range of counseling services to help you soften your fears and live your best life. From the first rumbling of thoughts about your health through the end of your life and beyond, I can help you map out what’s important to you as you move through life and help provide support to your family along the way.

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