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  • Grief & Loss Counseling

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    Coping with grief and loss after a death is often pushed aside in our society. We know that it is inevitable when we love someone so much, but we don’t give ourselves the time to work through it. Most of us don’t know how; Maybe your parents rarely ever spoke about your grandma when she died, except maybe on the anniversary of her death.

    While grief is completely normal, it can often get “sticky”, picking up feelings of dismissal when friends and family question why you’re “still” thinking about your loved one who’s died. Since most people just try to push through without taking time to process a loss, grief can get tangled up in unhealthy coping or trauma as you move through life.

    Common symptoms of grief can be physical, emotional or social. Every grieving experience is different, even if you’re mourning the loss of the same person.

    A few common symptoms are:

    • Crying and sighing
    • Headaches
    • Loss of appetite
    • Difficulty sleeping
    • Fatigue
    • Feelings of sadness and yearning
    • Feelings of worry or anger
    • Feelings of frustration or guilt
    • Feeling detached from others
    • Behaving in ways that are not normal for you

    Creative & Expressive Grief Services

    Map Your Care seeks to offer a wide range of services to work through grief, often in partnership with other clinicians and providers in the area. We believe that when we can lean into therapeutic approaches that honor the deepest parts of ourselves, we’re often a little more open to the toughest parts of the work.

    We lean heavily into the teachings from our natural world to influence our approach to grief work and the other services we provide. The waves of grief mimic the seasonal changes we see in nature. We can help you find healthy ways to tend to your grief through both the familiar – like gardening – and the less familiar – like the creation of an Earth Altar using natural and found items.

    Stay tuned as we work to partner with other trained clinicians and providers to offer the following creative approaches in support of grief and loss: 

    • Yoga and movement
    • Music therapy
    • Wilderness therapy