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  • Welcome our new therapist, Abigail Brown!

    Our new therapist, Abigail Brown, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She brings 10+ years of experience working with folks from across the life span in a variety of medical social work settings as well as experience providing individual and couples counseling.

    As a counseling practice, Map Your Care proudly weaves together experience navigating the healthcare system, an understanding of the resources and barriers that impact how people live with an illness, and a passion for helping folks to dig deeper and live fuller lives. We know our systems have flaws and our time working in nursing homes, rehab facilities, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and more help us to have a fuller understanding of the challenges you face. 

    As a Social Services Director at skilled rehab and long term care facilities, Abigail helped establish new therapeutic programming, including psychoeducational groups. She supported residents and families in adjusting to huge changes in their lives, like recovering after a long hospital stay and coping with advancing illness. Abigail also has experience working in acute hospital and psychiatric settings. 

    In these settings, Abigail supported patients who had experienced a stroke, traumatic brain injury, and other medical and psychiatric events. Her warmth and calming presence in high crisis situations helps her to support clients wherever they’re at, even on their hardest days. 

    Abigail received her Masters of Science in Social Work from Columbia University and has advanced training in Evidence Based Practice techniques from The Office of Mental Health in New York NY. Abigail utilizes a trauma-informed approach, drawing on harm reduction techniques, Family Systems Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other modalities. 

    While Abigail often draws on these techniques, she believes strongly that each person is the expert on themselves, and her role is to know the options of tools that could work for them, following their guidance and self-expertise. 

    To schedule with Abigail, call or reach out today!