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  • What's in a name, anyway?

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    What’s in a name, anyway?

    Map Your Care’s mini manifesto.


    If I think about it, Map Your Care has been stewing in my brain for years, sometimes quietly and other times loudly, building a little more with each hike, each backpacking trip.

    Being in nature has always been restorative for me–It’s what drew me to Colorado–but as I worked longer in hospice care it became more than that.

    I started to notice connections everywhere in nature to my work. The aspens, connected underground by far more than we can see on the surface. The forest, devastated by fire and loss–until it grows anew.


    I began to see the connections between what nature can teach us about the cycles–and sometimes chaos–of the world and the mix of peace and loss that my patients and their families experienced as they journeyed closer to death.


    While of course we can’t prepare for every possibility of life, I began to wonder–what would it look like if instead of scrambling to make decisions at the end, my patients had a map to guide them fully through an illness journey? How could our experiences of illness, dying, and grief be transformed by being rooted in our values, cultivating presence and connection at any health, and by weaving humanity back into every thread of our healthcare system? 


    Map Your Care seeks to help change the way we engage in some of life’s toughest conversations. 


    Let’s talk about what it means to live with a chronic illness each day. 

    Let’s talk about “fighting the good fight” and reframe what “losing hope” looks like. 

    Let’s talk about being a caregiver–the hard days and the growth from serving another.  

    Let’s talk about death, and gently push the euphemisms aside. Let’s plan for what you want at the end of your life in the context of what you have, instead of silently wishing for it.

    Are you ready to explore what creating a map for what’s important to you might look like? Schedule your first session today.